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저희 ECORE PRINTING INC 는  APACHE SOLID UV 평판 프린터를 제조, 유통 및 기타 디지털 프린팅 솔루션을 제공하는 한국 회사입니다.   아울러, 기존 스크린 인쇄기법에 디지털 기법을 도입한 장비를  미국시장에 진출하기 위해 미국에 회사를 설립하였습니다.   우리는  스크린의 속도와 디지털의 다양성을 결합하여 획기적인 기술을 개발하였고  꾸준한 신기술 개발을  연구 및 발전시켜 새로운 시장을 개척해 나아가고 있습니다.   또한 새로운 인쇄 기법을 개발하기 위해 미국 시장에서 실제 필요한 솔루션을 공급할 수 있는 역량을 키워나가고 있습니다. 

++++Apache Printers Original White LOGO+++.png
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그라데이션 배경
도시 구름

• Utilizes the latest inkjet and curing technology ​

• Specializing system / mechanical design and production of Industrial grade printing solution 

• Manufacturing and distributing Specializing in solid UV flatbed printers and DTG flatbed printers

• ​Manufacture, distribute and provide custom design digital printing solutions

• Apache IPS (Industrial Printing Solution)

• Manufacture, distribute and provide custom design digital printing solutions

• Specializing in solid UV flatbed printers

• Usage of latest inkjet and curing technology

• All machines are made in Korea

• International branches located in USA, Australia, Hong Kong

그라데이션 배경


2002 - East Core was established in Seoul, Korea.​

 - Developed Esprint system for Xaar heads and large solvent printers​.

2008  - Developed Epson modified machines using solvent pigment ink. 

2013  -Developed Apache UV 60450/6090 line and started selling in U.S.

2015  - Created newly developed Apache UV GH series with high quality

             and reliable RICOH  GH2220 print head​.

2016 - Released GH4545 / GH6045 / GH6090 series.​    

         - Expanded sales to European market. 

2017 - Established US office in VA​.

- Awarded “The year of printer in 2017” from SGIA​.

2019 - Opened APACHE office in HK.​

- US branch office moved to California.​

- Started to develop DTG printer with Ricoh TH5241 head

2022 - APACHE DTF printer launched

나선형 계단
그라데이션 배경

Our Overseas Company

HQ – South Korea   

• Head Office in Seoul

• Founded in 2002

• R&D team and Factory

• Korean domestic sales office

• New branch opened in 2019

North America Branch-United States 

• Established U.S. office in VA

• U.S. branch office moved to California

• R & D team and Factory

• U.S.A. regional sales office


Hong Kong Branch Office

• Apache IPS, opened in 2019

• International sales office in Asia 

그라데이션 배경

Factories  of East Core  Company

  Our factory, South Korea 


Branch Office,  R&D Center in California  U.S.A.

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