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    Professional DTF Transfer Printing Solutions

    Make Your DTF Printing Business Dreams a Reality


    Direct to Film is HERE!

    UV DTF 인쇄란 무엇입니까?

    필름에 직접 인쇄

    DTF 프린팅은 다이렉트 투 필름 프린팅(Direct To Film Printing)이라고도 하며, 다양한 의복 및 기타 기재에 열압착 방식으로 전사를 인쇄하는 방식으로 모든 종류의 원단에 인쇄가 가능하며 인건비를 절감하고 직원 1명이 작업할 수 있습니다. 기계.  특정 종류의 수성 잉크를 사용하여 필름 전사를 인쇄한 다음 건조시킨 후 뒷면에 분말 접착제를 도포한 다음 가열 경화하여 보관 또는 즉시 사용 가능
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    Meet the highest quality DTF transfer printer from Apache!
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    Apache DTF Printer

    * High durability with a simple design faithful to the basics
    1. Printing method with moving flat table

    2. Up to 12 x 16.5" print size (A3 size)

    3. Dedicated printing for A3 transfer film (fixed height)

    4. Ink Line Intuition System
        Prevention of ink sediment issue
        Stable ink supply by using a specially designed damper

    5. Using the market proven industrial Ricoh GH2220 head easy maintenance.  Head clogging prevention S/W during continuous output


    We can speak with confidence and certainty.   
    There is no more perfect "DTF PRINTER" than the Apache.

    UV&DTF 데칼

    • The image quality is strong and excellent with vivid colors.

    •  No pre-treatment is required. Once the transfer film has been printed, it gets covered by a powdered glue and after the print has dried, a heat press can be used to transfer the film onto the fabric.

    • The printing process is simple and can be completed very quickly.

    •  Stretchability - images DO NOT crack.

    •  The image is not rough or thick and feels very soft.

    • Maintains the same quality as the original 100%, when washed in hot and cold water a lot over time.

    • Reduce overall costs. Save up to 50% of white ink.

    • Durable with all fabrics, including cotton, polyester, all blends, nylon, and leather!



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    Machine Size and Weight

    37" W X  28  X  28" H  /  128lb

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    Print Head / Configuration

    Ricoh GH2220 X 3 heads / Color and White in line

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    Resolution / Print Speed for A3 Size

    Up to 720X1200 dpi 

    / Color and White 3min 30sec

    White font_ Apache Logo.png
    Max Print Size

    12  X  16.5 "  (A3 size) 

    Apache DTF 3040 Printe.png
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    Ink pouch Number / Volume

    Color Configuration : CMYK+WW

    6 of 200ml  Aluminum pouch

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    Recommended Temp / Humidty

    60 ~ 85F  / 20 ~80 %

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    Dedicated Table  Black Box 

    Aluminum profile box is used for machine table

    39 W X  29  X 29" H  /  175lb

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