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Metal Plate Printing 

 UV printer can provide film Sticker Printing Solutions. Whether you use the sticker to decorate your home, label items, or other purposes,  film sticker printing machine can create unique stickers with C, M, Y, K, W,W sold ink for you, delivering delicate, brighter images, 3D and embossed effect . With LED UV lamp for ink curing, our printer can maintain the structure of film materials without producing high heat.

The Apache printers C, M, Y, K, W,W, Sold color ink and varnish, able to create colorful and vivid images on wood panel. It use eco-friendly and high-adhesion printing ink which is wear-resisting and can adhere well to wood surface. With capability of printing white ink, attractive and natural embossed effect can be achieved.    Variable droplet printing can finish wood printing with less ink and more natural color transition. Besides, the Apache printers printer employs energy-saving LED UV lamp to achieve effective ink curing. And the printed image is more delicate.

Inkjet Printing on Aluminum Sheet

Using high-adhesion UV printing ink and high quality coating liquid, flatbed printer has the capability of inkjet printing wear-resistant and lasting images on aluminum sheets. Besides, with grey-level industrial printheads, our printers deliver stable working performance and high resolution. Whether it is for creating wall prints, large format aluminum partition walls, aluminum ceilings, signs or boxes, brilliant metal aluminum printing can be achieved.

Inkjet Printing on Stainless Sheet

Same as printing on aluminum sheet, flatbed printers also print fine images on stainless steels. You can customize the print pattern according to the actual purpose, such as signs and decoration.  In addition to be used as a metal sheet printing machine, our flatbed printer also can be applied to many other materials, such as wood, glass, ceramic tile, leather and so on. The application is very extensive.

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