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Canvas Printing 

 UV printer can provide film Sticker Printing Solutions. Whether you use the sticker to decorate your home, label items, or other purposes,  film sticker printing machine can create unique stickers with C, M, Y, K, W,W sold ink for you, delivering delicate, brighter images, 3D and embossed effect . With LED UV lamp for ink curing, our printer can maintain the structure of film materials without producing high heat.

Whether you decorate your living room, bedroom, study room or office, whether the style you love is modern, retro or full of artistic sense, flatbed UV canvas printer can give you excellent solutions with the capability to deliver amazing fine art prints with various effects

Create Your Decorative Art Prints

More and more people want to own some artworks for their decoration plan. The most common is on wood, glass, and canvas.  Flatbed UV canvas printer allow you to print creative art prints with outstanding effects. With high accuracy, the image printed out can achieve a photo-level resolution.

Oil Painting Effect on Canvas

Oil painting effect requires white ink print capability to produce ink layers with different thickness to express texture. UV canvas printing machine deliver natural printing results on canvas, not just the visual effect, even the touch is the same as the true oil painting.

Fine Art Reproduction

UV printer for fine art also allow users to reproduce famous painting with very high degree of reduction. Whether it is a painting, oil painting, watercolor painting or others.

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