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Phone Case Printing Sticker

 UV printer can provide film Sticker Printing Solutions. Whether you use the sticker to decorate your home, label items, or other purposes,  film sticker printing machine can create unique stickers with C, M, Y, K, W,W sold ink for you, delivering delicate, brighter images, 3D and embossed effect . With LED UV lamp for ink curing, our printer can maintain the structure of film materials without producing high heat.

Instead of using the conventional phone case printer method, we will deliver a high-quality, high-color sticker with the image you want directly printed on our transparent film. You will be sent with instructions to attach it directly to your phone case in an easy and simple way. So you can have your own custom phone case. Also, our products provide great multi-color results that will never drop or deform even in water, so many customers are happy to have their own unique phone case. We're also helping run successful businesses in our new way. You can decorate your phone case and decorate your smartphone with a great printing configuration equipment that can create amazing printing effects with excellent performance.

Boost Your Phone Case Printing Business

Whether you’re an entry-level or an experienced, you can get perfect experience for its ease of use.   Plus the splendid printing, our cell phone case printer can boost your printing business by direct inkjet UV printing. Whether the material is plastic, leather or metal, strong ink adhesion and bright color can be achieved.  And continuous mass production is allowed for its stability.

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