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 Print Head & Configuration : Ricoh GH220 X 3 heads / Color & White In-line printing

 Ink Pouch Number / Volume   :    6 of 200ml  Aluminum pouch

Color Configuration  :  CMYK +WW 

Resolution  :  Up  to  720  X 1200 dpi 

Print Speed for A3 size  : Color & White 3 min 30 sec

Max Print size  :  12 X 16.5" (A3 size)

Machine size  / Weight     :   37 28 X 28"H    /  128 lb 

  Recommended Temp / Humidity   :  60 ~ 85 F    /  20 ~ 80%   

Printing Bed  :  Metal Flabed with silicone sticky pad

Dedicated stand   :    Aluminum profile box is used for both shipping box and printer stand.

Box Size  /  Weight   :     39 X 29 X 29"H    /  170 lb 

OS Sysem  :  Windows 10 /11  64 bit

Power  :  AC 110 ~220V. 3.5 A 1Phase

 Device Interface  :  USB 2.0, USB 3.0

Advantages of Our DTF printing

•  High-quality printing
•  Easy & quick to use
•  Transfer to many fabrics
•  No pre-treatment needed
•  Elasticity that the image does not crack
•  The image is not rough or thick and feels very soft
•  Maintains the same quality as the original 100%, when washed in hot and cold water a lot over time

•  Reduce overall costs. Save up to 50% of white ink.
•  Durable with all fabrics, including cotton, polyester, all blends, nylon, and leather!
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Used Print Head Ricoh GH2220
Minimum halftone dots 3PL
Highest resolution 720 X 1200 DPI

Automatic Cleaning System
Easy Maintenance
Automatic Cleaning and 
flushing support

Keypad Control Panel
Easy operation of equipment

Power On / Off button

Dedicated Stand for printer

Box Size / Weight   39 X 29 X 29"H  (included printer 170lb)

Print table
Bed transfer type flat bed

Maximum print width  A3 size

Inkline Intuition System
Blocking the source of ink deposits
Stable ink supply


Our DTF press is the most advanced press that can boast of the highest level of perfection that cannot be compared with other products.









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Dedicated  stand for printer

Dtfprint_black Box-into.png

Inside the dedicated stand


Our Business Contact

# You can do business with us !

For business and product inquiries.
Please contact "APACHE DTF " Printing

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