What is the UV & DTF Printing ?


UV printing is in vogue, and the range of its application continues to expand. UV printer can print patterns, logos and characters of various products in any complex color and hard materials such as plexiglass, metal, plastic, crystal, wood products, leather, textile cloth, copperplate paper and other objects with regular and irregular shapes. It does not need plate making, color coating and complex drying procedures, No damage to the surface of the material.


UV DTF printer makes up for the shortcomings of UV printer and DTF printer. DTF can only print on fabrics, this UV DTF printer can print on hard materials. UV printer can’t print on immovable materials, this UV DTF can print on walls, glass doors and etc.   UV DTF printing of this new technology is that after printing, it can be directly attached to the substrate to be transferred without other processing.   It is not direct printing on materials as normal UV flatbed printer, it is film printing first then transferring on materials.  No need pre-coating, no limit about the height of objects, irregular objects are ok.

The UV DTF Printing is a relatively new technology, known as cold transfer printing.  It means that the patterncan be sticked to the objects with just a finger press within 20 seconds, then the pattern is permanently printed on the stuff.  Unlike sublimation and screen printing, UV DTF printing is a novel technology with simple production technology. 

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The advantages of  UVDTF printing 


Difference Between UV DTF & DTF . 

Compared with DTF printing, DTF requires a DTF printer, a shake powder machine and a heat press. UV DTF requires a UV flatbed printer and a laminating machine. DTF is mainly used for the transfer of fabrics, the new technology is mainly used for the transfer of hard materials.

UV DTF printing requires a UV LED flatbed printer and two kinds of films – PET film and transfer film. It uses UV hard ink. This process needs to print C/M/Y/K/W color ink, varnish and a special glue to achieve the best effect. 

Compared with DTF printing, UV DTF requires a UV flatbed printer and a laminating machine. DTF requires a DTF printer, a shake powder machine and a heat press.

How to do UV DTF printing, please follow the steps below:
1. Print the pattern on film A.
2. After printing, use a laminating machine to compress film A and film B,  it can also be operated manually.
3. Cut out the pattern and paste it on the material to be pasted.
4. Press the pattern repeatedly, slowly peel off the  film then finished.

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