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Application Items

 UV printer can provide film Sticker Printing Solutions. Whether you use the sticker to decorate your home, label items, or other purposes,  film sticker printing machine can create unique stickers with C, M, Y, K, W,W, SOLD color ink for you, delivering delicate, brighter images, 3D and embossed effect . With LED UV lamp for ink curing, our printer can maintain the structure of film materials without producing high heat.

Decal Application Items

Stickers that can be attached to all box materials can be placed on cardboard boxes with high speed and excellent performance, so you can create your own images and logos in a short time for a small number of boxes or a large number of boxes. Also, in any case, the image is not deformed or dropped at all.

For carton printing, traditional printing methods are complicated by prepress processes such as engraving and overprinting. Therefore, printing a small number of boxes with traditional printing techniques is not worth it. In that sense, it can help to finish attaching your own stickers rather than printer printing in a short time.

Strengthen your diversified box printing business
Whether you're a beginner or an expert, you'll get a complete experience with ease of use. Besides gorgeous printing, our cell phone case printer can enhance your printing business with direct inkjet UV printing. Whether the material is plastic, leather or metal, you get strong ink adhesion and bright colors. And continuous mass production is possible for stability.

Application Items


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